So many times we get on the scale and we look at the number that screams back at us and get discourage during our journey. We feel that this number is the sole purpose of our accomplishments. If we gain 3 lbs back this week, we have failed. If we lost 3 lbs, we are winners. But as with life, this number will always fluctuate, so which number should we focus on?

I fell into the number trap on the scale. It would set my emotion for the day. If I gained 3 lbs because I decided to eat pizza this weekend, I’m a failure and I feel like a failure for the rest of the day. The number on the scale was the focus and I forgot about me and how that number made me feel. I forgot to focus on number 1, which is me.

I forgot that eating well for No. 1 is what keeps my emotions in check. I forgot that working out helps No. 1 to feel more empowered and to forget about the annoying things that people do and other drama that may come along with life. I forgot about No. 1.

I have retrained my focus. I have realized that while the numbers on the scale are important for health sake, it is not the No. 1 thing to focus on. I am, and the way I feel. If I am content and if I feel healthy; these are the things that I should keep in the forefront of my mind. Once you focus on No. 1, the mental portion, the inner portion, all the rest of the body follows. The mind dictates the bodily functions, so why not focus on your No. 1? It is the seat of you life. If your mind is not into the workouts, the eating clean, or into life, no matter how hard you try you will be in a perpetual motion of falling and trying to get back up and finding each time harder and harder because you are not in to it. Focus on No. 1. Focus on how No. 1 feels when you work out. When you workout, experience how it feels to be focused on something that raises your endorphins, that shows your power and agility, that makes you stronger everyday. Focus on how when you eat healthy, it cleanses you from toxins that pollute your body and mind, that healthy eating helps with your focusing, your energy, and even your mood. Focus on No. 1, and make the number on your scale number 10.