As some may know, I have been on a 21 day detox from sugar, dairy, wheat gluten, and processed foods.  It was a personal decision for me to break my plateau, to detox not only my body, but spirit, emotions, and mind.  I am now on day 7 and have been steadily plugging along.

During each morning and evening I meditate as well as listen to or read inspirational messages to help me to cleanse negativity & resistance and embrace more positivity.  During this particular morning, day 7 (for those in numerology, the number of perfection) my meditation lead me to realize some things surrounding perfection and happiness.  A lot of times, being a perfectionist, we have set goals to obtain.  And with that goal, we have attached to it “I’ll be happy when I.”  The question proposed to me was “Why not be happy now?”

Against popular beliefs, happiness is a decision.  It is a choice.  You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad.  I learned this when I went through different times of depressed moments and even now when those moments come, I have a decision: stay down or get up! So if we can choose happiness, why not be happy now?  Why allow winning a competition, having a large house, having Prince Charming, or being a size 6 be the dictator of our happiness?  Why not accept where you are and who you are now so that you can be happy on your way to your goal?  Happiness is a state of mind, not the distant goal you have set!!

I have realized, that if you set a goal and say that “I’ll be happy when I [place your goal here]” you have given the power of your happiness to that goal and no longer retain control! So say you receive that large house and the prince (or princess) charming to go with it.  I am not here to wish ill will for anyone, but keeping in perspective that the cycle of life does allow for some bad days.  And say that for some reason you lose that house.  If your happiness is tied to the house and you lose it, where does the happiness go?  With the house! So why give these different goals (although great to have and achieve) your power to be happy?  Why not have control and be happy now?

So, if I have a choice to be happy, then should I be happy when I achieve my goals?  Of course!! Be happy even during that and celebrate!! The main thing is to be happy with yourself despite the changes you go through, even when you are at your lowest points.  Celebrate the small things, which for me as a high-achiever and perfectionist can be very hard to do.  So what do I do to ground myself and find happiness in the now?


I meditate twice a day now.  It causes me to focus on my breath and my body as well as get out of my head! I’m a thinker and constantly thinking about the next thing instead of being present in the here and now.  By being present in the here and now I can see what is currently going on and find things to celebrate about me, i.e. I made it through 7 days of not eating processed sugar, wheat gluten, or dairy!  I can accept where I am currently and focus on that for a moment.  Meditation also shows me my places of growth and how I can strengthen these areas to be a better me today.  I know, I need to do a blog on meditation really soon! 😀


I have found that listening to inspirational messages have been a great thing for me.  A lot of times I have found that in these messages, there are some things that jump out at me for that moment in my life I’m listening, and when I listen again at another time, something else jumps out! It helps me to realize that we all have something to share and that you can learn from others on how to deal with life situations.  Some things may not apply, but  a lot of things will! Some inspirational people I enjoy listening to and reading, new and old are Dr. Christian Pankhurst, Darren Hardy , and Ralph Marston.

Other ways I ground myself is through exercise (pilates and yoga) and the help of good friends who are on the same wavelength of positivity.  Having these things keeps me in check from looking forward in the future and being happy right now.  I have learned that being happy in the now can decrease my craving for certain foods! My favorite food on the planet is pepperoni pizza.  To my surprise, in the past 6-7 days I have not once craved a slice of pepperoni pizza!! I’m learning to be happy where I am, even if it’s not number 1 in everyone’s eyes, but to know that I’m doing the best right now.  Knowing I have a decision in my emotions has caused me to be in control of using food as my drug of choice.  I’m happy now and will celebrate when I get to my goal!  So what will be your decision?

Choose to be happy now!!

~FitBody FitLife


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