This is the story, of a woman who had a great family history and beginnings, but still dealt with many demons in her life.  From depression to anxiety, continuously rising above the ashes to find her place in life.  This is my story, and a story that I desire to share with you as you journey with me through my growth mentally as well as in knowledge of physical health.

I was a person who was stuck in the rut of life, feeling that I had to live a certain way and had to have certain accomplishments.  I recently freed myself from those unrealistic expectations and recognized that life had to be lived for myself.  I begin to see more of the value within me and not pleasing others.

I never was a really “fit” person and wasn’t eating healthy either.  I grew up in the South, so fried foods was the thing as well as plenty of buffets.  Being a “thick” woman was where it was at, and I was loved for it.  However, I did not realize that the extra pounds and eating to be happy was my way of covering all the hurt and the things I never dealt with.  It helped with my depression and anxieties for a brief moment, but after the eating was through, I felt even more down for eating so much and it did not help me with my appearance or my health.

I am now on the journey of weight loss, having loss over 50 lbs without a personal trainer, just determination and a good support system.  I continue this journey as a BeachBody coach, aspiring to help others to gain the mental will power to get to their goals of not only physical health and weight loss, but also mental health and success in life.  My background in being a therapist has influenced me to desire to continue to help others to better their lifestyles.  I decided to begin FitBody FitLife because it incorporates both mind and body to live a content and successful life.  My motto: Set it in your mind, and the body will follow.


2 Responses to “About FitBodyFitLife”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Wow. Your story is very inspiring, & your motto definitely rings true. It’s so important to incorporate the mind & soul as a part of the body. Every aspect of our lives, the things that really feed us, affect what we choose to put into our bodies & how we treat ourselves with food… and vise versa – the foods we choose affect our energy & attitude toward all the other aspects of our lives.

    1. Thanks Chelsea! This is a motto I try to live by each day, though it gets tough sometimes.

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